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Server Rules

List of our Discord Server Rules.

  • Be friendly and respectful to everyone (especially members unfamiliar with the server)
  • Follow Infinity Bots and Discord’s Terms of Service, as well as Community Guidelines.
  • Do not intentionally use characters to ‘hoist’ yourself at the top of the members list.
  • Do not discriminate/harass (hate speech, arguing, etc). This includes but is not limited to:
    • Other users
    • Bots
    • Programming languages
    • Personal drama
    • Witch-hunting (Specifically targeting users based off their actions)
  • No self-promotion/advertising, unless it has been requested by a different user, including but not limited to:**
    • Server invites (providing official Discord guild invites or bot guild invites when requested is allowed) these can be within the guild or in DMs
    • Youtube/Streams
    • Begging/asking people to use your product or project (e.g your bot)
    • Mentioning and publicly announcing your project continuously to gain publicity and or traffic.
  • Don’t spam, this includes but is not limited to:
    • Copypastas/generic chain mails
    • Spam joining voice channels or voice spamming
    • Spamming messages and or abusing bots
    • Reacting too quickly, announcement channels are an exception to this rule.
  • Speak English in all channels excluding support and off topic channels
  • Be especially courteous and respectful to new members and beginners with regards to Discord or development overall. We’re here to help and support them.
    • Do not spoon-feed developers regardless of their experience level
    • Approach problems that users are having with an open mind and with the objective of helping them learn how the process works and how they can address the issue. Telling them to “google it” doesn’t help anyone and is rude.
  • Stay on channel topic when communicating:
    • Refrain from posting out of context memes in the general , those belong in #media
    • our #general channel is for friendly everyday conversations
  • Do not evade punishments
  • No political discussions or arguments
  • No NSFW content within the server:
    • This includes any suggesting, hinting, encouraging or posting of said content. (such as picture IDs on imgur that link to NSFW content)
  • Do not abuse Starboard to show content such as:
    • Random messages that may not be considered really funny or entertaining at all
    • Your own messages, nobody wants to see your "Star this message for..." message.
    • Advertisements or self promotions (obviously).
    • Hateful messages of any kind.
  • Don’t backseat moderate (aka mini-mod), you’re not there to moderate what other people post. You can mention a moderator for that.
  • Don’t send any type of shock/disturbing content including but not limited to:
    • A video showing the expulsion of bodily fluids
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