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Server Guidelines

Some guidelines you should keep in mind.


We know you have your choice of servers and we thank you for joining ours if you own or run your own bot list we have a couple of guidelines for you to keep in mind.

  1. In order to keep membership harassment to a minimum, we ask that you refrain from advertising other Bot Listing servers in-channel.
  2. We want to be supportive and encourage everyone to explore and share these other servers in established DMs upon request.
  3. DMing members solely to advertise other servers is prohibited and users who receive such DMs should report them immediately.
  4. Admins, moderators, and other staff members of these servers are respectfully requested to apply for Partnership prior to creating an introduction.
  5. Generally speaking, there would be concern that you are here solely to recruit members to your server, However, we also know that you may want to go some place where “you’re not in charge”. All we ask is that you be honest with us so that your intentions are clear.
  6. Please note that while you are welcome here, we reserve the right to limit your interactions. For example, even if you are a bot dev, we may block access to dev related channels. Or we may make it so that you cannot join VC.

We’re not asking much here and believe this balances the desire to hang out as well as maintaining transparency. You are welcome to use an alt account to maintain anonymity, so long as these alts follow the policy outlined here. However, using an alt account to circumvent this policy is not only rude but bad form.

Alt Accounts

Generally speaking, having multiple accounts (commonly referred to as alts) on this server is frowned upon. While not completely against the rules, sometimes you want to be anonymous and want to lurk without drawing attention. So long as your alt does not disrupt the decorum and general atmosphere of the server, you may have multiple accounts here. However, if the mods believe you are using an alt to circumvent a block, exceed vote count requirements or to harass users, the mods have full discretion to take mod action against all accounts that they reasonably believe belong to you, up to and including a ban.

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