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Some info about our Certification Program.

Certification Requirements

  • All bots must meet these requirements before being considered for Certification.
  1. Has atleast 30 unique views on bot page.
  2. Good Long Description with effective use of MarkDown and or HTML.
  3. In 100 or more servers.
  4. Follows the Discord Bots Best Practice
  5. Bot has been listed for at least 1 week.
  6. Has an active, friendly and helpful support server.
  7. Has at least 50 votes.
  8. 100% original code not forked or cloned.
  9. Uses the bot widget on a Site, Command, or GitHub Repo.

Certification Terms

• Abuse of the Infinity API or our Voting System in an attempt to gain access to this program will result in a ban from both our API and our Voting System.

What do Certified Bots get?

  • Certified Bot Advantages
    1. Certifed Badge for your Bot Card on our Home Page.
    2. Certifed Badge for your Bot Page.
    3. Certified Bot Role in our Discord Server (Listed Highest amongst other bots)
    4. Custom Bot Page URL / Vanity
    5. Much higher chances to be featured in a home-page slot

Applying for Certification

  • If you meet the requirements above you can apply here
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