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Staff Roles

Why are Staff Roles Pingable amd what is a Ping?

A “ping" or a "tag" is where you mention a member (e.g. <@&815615864539185183> ) or role.

This notifies that user or every user with that role.

Pinging one or two moderators for help is NOT a bad thing.

Pinging the entire staff team for no reason is wasting all of our time, and will result in a mute.

The role/s are pingable for emergencies only and not for you to get attention.

Emergency examples:

  1. Raids / Multiple members mass spamming.
  2. Anything that requires more than 2 Moderators to handle.
  3. Extreme disruption of the Discord ToS. (NSFW content inside non-NSFW marked channels)
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