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Vote Specific API Documentation.

We offer a custom Voting System as a way for users to support their favorite bots. Users can currently vote for a bot every 12 hours, but this restriction may change in the future.



Certified Bots can be found using either the Bot Name or Bot ID. Example below 👇



Voting API Rules.

Unacceptable use of our API (breaking these rules will result in appropriate punishments):

  1. "Vote locking" a large percentage AND/OR majority of your bots commands AND/OR features.
  2. Punishing users of your bot AND/OR community for not voting.
  3. Bots should not be rewarding users for voting for another bot. E.g if a User votes for Bot A they should not be receiving Bot B's currency

Acceptable use of our API:

  1. Reward users of your bot for voting.
  2. Try to limit voting required commands to 2-3

Consequences of breaking these rules:

  • First Offence - A stern warning from one of our beautiful moderators and possible reverting of bot votes.
  • Second Offence - If you haven't changed your ways after your first offence, or you are caught breaking these rules a second time, we will lock your access to the voting endpoint(s) and reset your votes.
  • We reserve the right to not follow these consequences in the exact order they are laid out here and take action how we see fit dependant on the scenario

Voting Endpoints

Get Bot Votes

Fetch the last 100 Votes for a Bot!




bot_votesArray of the last 100 Votes
_idID for this Vote in our System
userIDThe ID of the User who Voted
botIDThe ID of the Bot who Recieved the Vote
__VStaff Usage. Nothing you need to know!

Check if User has Voted

Check if a user has Voted for your Bot in the last 6 Hours!




hasVotedIf the user has Voted Recently (True or False)
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